What's NexT2?

NexT2 is for young patrons over age 21 looking to connect with each other and support great theatre. NexT2 is a bonus program for subscribers and supporters to enjoy a complimentary beverage at each performance, plus behind-the-scenes access and parties throughout the season. Always guarantee a place at the party by subscribing and joining NexT2 for the 19/20 season.


October 25 or November 5: Native Gardens Dinner
It’s a theatre dutch date! Exchange your regular tickets to join NEXT2 at dinner before the show. Everyone handles their own dinner bill. 

November 22: A Christmas Carol Opening Night and Lights of the Ozarks Parade
Exchange your regular tickets to join T2 on Opening Night. Opening Night has a catered reception and champagne toast…it may require a slight increase in your ticket price, but your subscriber discount always applies. Also…the Christmas Parade will pass right by our two-story windows!

December 31: New Year’s Eve in the Commons
A Next2 Add on special event.  NexT2 members will get special access and discounts to toast the New Year in this new space! Watch for details on tickets soon!


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SkeletonCrew NEXT2 FINAL.jpg