In The Legend of Georgia McBride, the play’s three drag queens – hilarious rookie queen Georgia McBride, fairy drag mother Miss Tracy Mills, and the fiery & sassy Anorexia Nervosa – perform unforgettable (and side-splitting funny) roles live on stage. What would YOUR drag name be if Cleo's Bar was located in NWA?

How do you feel about sports?

What's your favorite drink on a warm summer day?

Out-of-town family is visiting. Where do you take them to experience NWA?

Were you born/raised in NWA?

Have you worked for/attended the University of Arkansas?

Did you watch True Detective: Season 3 on HBO?

What's your MOST favorite NWA season?

What's your LEAST favorite NWA season?

How do you spend a free Saturday?

Which of the following vehicles is most similar to your car?

Your drag name is: