Got questions on how to use your new desk phone at 477? Hopefully this visual guide will answer most of your basic questions.

Phone layout


What these buttons do:


Menu/OK button: This is the round button in between the left-right-up-down set of buttons arranged in a circle. Pressing this WHILE YOUR RECEIVER IS ON THE CRADLE brings up a menu screen with 8 options (see list below). Select which one you want to access by pressing the left or right navigation buttons and then press the round Menu/OK button.

1. Call History: A full list of who called you on your phone. Pressing the up and down navigation buttons scrolls the list up and down. Pressing the left and right navigation buttons sorts your calls from “All” to “Answered", “Dialed,” “Missed,” and “Transferred” (the default should be “All). The buttons around the LCD screen does a bunch of different things depending on what you want to do; pick one for a specific action (delete, clear all, dial, etc)

2. Status: Meh not important

3. Contacts: Accesses our T2 Phonebook that’s programmed into our phones. Right now, out of the 3 options you’re likely to see on your phone, only the “Local Phonebook” directory has any contacts in it.

4. Messages: Access your phone’s voicemail and instant messages (yeah, these phones get IMs?!)

5. Preference: Customize your phone here. Here, you can:

  • Enable/disable Do Not Disturb

  • Lock your keypad (not sure everyone would want to mess with this)

  • Change your ringtone/ringtone volume

  • Change your LCD brightness/add a screensaver

  • Change your language settings

  • Change your phone’s date/time

  • Enable/disable weather updates

6 & 7. Phone Settings & System: Don’t fiddle with this unless you REALLY have to.

8. Reboot: No! Don’t touch! No! (Unless you REALLY have to)

More buttons!

These buttons are all on the bottom half of our phones located to the right of the number keypad: