Arkansas Schools Tour 2011 - The Poe Show

Justin: Today was an interesting day.  We performed in Russellville, which is about 10 miles from my home town.  It was interestingly surreal at the Q&A after the show when a student asked, “Is it hard doing what you do?”

The drama students we performed for were attentive and intrigued.  They were excited to learn and to experience theater.  More importantly, they were eager to discover what art means to them and what it means to others, which is more or less what the Poe Show is all about.

I was eager to answer the question.  I told the students the same thing I say to anyone who asks the question, “You absolutely, positively have to love what you do to do it.”  I encouraged them to apply it to any profession they want to pursue.  I find it easy to do what I do because I love what I do.  As an actor, you rarely get the chance to convey that to a young mind because the profession is hard, it is time consuming, it is special.  It IS my life.  I was happy to give the students that understanding, and hopefully, they will be able to apply it in their lives. 

Martin MillerComment