Arkansas Schools Tour 2011 - The Poe Show

Thomas: We just left Valley Springs High School, home of the Tigers, where they had a lovely welcome sign waiting for us as well as a bunch of awesome Edgar Allen Poe “poe-sters” that the students had made and placed throughout the school. One of my favorites had Poe dressed in Goth with a chain connecting his nose and ear, another had Poe holding flowers and hearts covering his eyes. The students also covered a hallway with Ravens that had red eyes...awesome and creepy.

Earlier today in Russellville, we got to perform in their great new black-box theatre. Afterwards, we had a Q&A session with the students where they asked some great Qs, my favorite one asked of Justin, “Has anyone ever told you, you look like Turk from Scrubs?” Before the question fully escaped the student’s lips, Justin finished and answered his question.   

Martin MillerComment