Team-building Workshops

In the theatre, we understand that teammates who are in the moment, making positive choices and trusting one another create a more productive and rewarding group environment. TheatreSquared is uniquely equipped to offer corporate teams, organizational staffs, and interest groups the opportunity to engage with professional theatre artists to learn creative communication and collaboration techniques.

Workshops focus on honing important skills, including:

  • Executive presence–public speaking, presentation and intrapersonal skills

  • Proactive listening

  • Creative leadership     

  • Diverse, innovative thinking

  • Adaptability to cultural change

What will we do in the workshop?

Don't worry – there will be no PowerPoint! Groups will be taken through a series of fun, active improvisation and communication exercises designed to bolster team chemistry and unlock the full creative potential of each individual. We create a unique itinerary to best serve your organization's needs. And did we mention it's fun? It is!  


  • Turn a group outlook of "No, but" or "Okay, maybe" into the exciting possibility of "Yes, and."
  • Find a new perspective on communication—with clients and each other
  • Learn how to look for what's right with an idea, not what's wrong with it
  • Uncover opportunities for innovation in any given circumstance
  • Discover fresh approaches to problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and trust





Workshops can be customized to your organization's needs. Below are a few basic packages to get you started. 

To build your own workshop, contact Morgan Hicks at 479.445.6333 or

Single-day workshops

Express (2 hour): $350
Up to 20 participants, a small fee for additional participants

Half-day (4 hours): $650
Up to 20 participants, a small fee for additional participants

Full day (6 hours): $850
Up to 20 participants, a small fee for additional participants


Workshop leaders can visit your place of business (a large, open area is recommended), or a space can be reserved by TheatreSquared for an additional venue rental fee. 


Catering can be arranged for an additional fee. Be sure to ask about our "Workshop, Dinner, and a Show" group outing. Payment by check or by credit card is required at the time of your reservation. 

To sign up, contact Morgan Hicks, T2 Director of Education and Program Development, at or 479.445.6333. 


To register for a workshop, contact Morgan Hicks at 479.445.6333 or

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