Mail and Packages:

Attn: Your Name
PO BOX 4188
Fayetteville, AR 72701

FedEx and UPS deliveries:

Attn: Your Name
112 W. Center St., Suite 440
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Please do not have anything sent directly to the venue address.

US Post Office (12 W. Dickson Street)
If you need to mail something, the easiest thing to do is to visit the US Post Office on Dickson Street, a full-service post office with regular business hours and an after-hours self-service kiosk.

Information and Announcements

We will be emailing you regularly with information. We’ll also post the rehearsal schedule and other important information on the Call Board located in the Green Room, so check this daily.

The Gym

We have a wonderful relationship with Clubhaus Fitness (located at 612 West Dickson Street). They’ve been provided with a cast list, so just show up and let them know you’re working on a TheatreSquared production and you’ll be able to use the facilities at no cost during your stay.


Free parking is available at the TheatreSquared Scene Shop (less than a block from the theatre). You can access this parking lot from Center Street. If you are headed west on Center Street, take a right into the parking lot after the Gregg Street intersection, near the crosswalk for the city trail.

Workers Comp

If you sustain an injury while working at T2 that will require medical attention beyond a basic consultation, please request a copy of Arkansas Form N (Employee’s Notice of Injury to Employer) from the stage manager. TheatreSquared’s Workers Comp provider is FirstComp Insurance Company, policy number WC0098427-02, phone number 888-500-3344.

Medical Issues

TheatreSquared can arrange for a pro-bono phone consultation with a general practitioner for artists with health care concerns. Should an in-person appointment be required, T2 recommends the following practitioners and urgent-care facilities as affordable, expedient alternatives during your time in Fayetteville.T2 can help arrange transportation should the need arise.

MediServe (open seven days)
(479) 521-0200
117 Sycamore (behind McDonald’s on College)
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Dr. Joe O'Connell 
(479) 443-3536 
FirstCare Family Doctors 
3340 N. College #5

Travel Procedures

T2 is happy to arrange your travel to and from the airport and, when requested, to and from the theatre on days of rehearsal and performances. In order for travel logistics to run smoothly, we have adopted the following procedures:

1.) Morgan will check in with you about your travel preferences and book arrival and departure flights at least one month in advance of the flight. The itinerary will be emailed directly to you. Morgan will confirm with you your housing arrangements at this time with your host.
2.) Morgan will check in with you one week before your flight to Fayetteville. (At this time, she'll also contact your host to touch base about your initial meeting on the arrival date.)
3.) Morgan will pick you up at the airport and transport you to your housing. If needed, you can request a  grocery or drug store run at this time.
4.) Morgan is also your contact for planning transportation to and from the theatre, as needed, for the duration of your stay. (The majority of artist housing is located within one mile of the theatre.)
5.) Twenty-four hours before your departure from Fayetteville, Morgan will check in with you to discuss the trip to the airport.
6.) Morgan will check you in online and print a copy of your boarding pass.
7.) Morgan will pick you up for your the trip to the airport – 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to takeoff.
8.) Before departure, Morgan will ask you to sign a thank-you card to your host for their hospitality.

Baggage Policy

For cast members who are flying in to spend more than two weeks in Fayetteville, TheatreSquared will reimburse checked baggage charges for one regular weight checked bag. Please keep your receipts for reimbursement. If you will need to transport additional baggage with you for the rehearsal period, please call Morgan to help you to arrange for shipping, as additional baggage charges can be high.


Weekly trips to the grocery store are scheduled on Tuesdays at 2pm for all artists who do not have access to a car. If this time needs to be adjusted due to the rehearsal schedule, Morgan will work with the artists to schedule another convenient weekly time.